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What to watch out for!

In almost every industry there are those who take advantage of others for financial gain, and unfortunately, the paranormal field is no exception. We are well aware of the number of skeptics out there, and we at Haunted STL find it difficult to tolerate untrustworthy behavior from others in the business. In fact, we risk angering some by simply sharing this information, but we believe this is just another piece of our commitment to integrity…so here it is! Be aware of tours and ghost hunts that seem to deliver over the top results at every event! The team at Haunted STL has investigated many well-known haunted locations over the years and sometimes there is a lot of activity, sometimes not. Spirits do not work for us and are not trained to perform! This doesn’t mean a location isn’t haunted, it just means there’s no activity at that specific moment. What we at Haunted STL CAN promise are exciting and HONEST ghost tours and events based on historical facts and actual evidence!

Tarot Card, Palm and other Readers 

Let’s be real…anyone can buy a deck of cards and “read” them. Cold Reading is a technique used by supposed psychics, tarot card readers, illusionists and scam artists to imply that they know much more about a person than they actually do. 

There are honest readers with real gifts out there, (we know some!) but they are far and few between. If you do decide to sit for a reading, be sure to ask your reader how long they’ve been practicing and avoid anywhere that seems to have a revolving door of readers! 

Too many tours available! 

Not every creepy old house, vacant church, cemetery, or theater is haunted! If one group always seems to have new and exciting “haunted” venues available for public ghost hunts, be careful.  It takes a TON of research and many hours to conduct an actual paranormal investigation. If it seems like one group is always finding new haunted places to sell you tours for (and it’s always their own tour guides doing the investigating), it’s time to start asking questions!

Seances and Spirit Communication 

Be wary of paid, in-house “psychics” conducting these types of events. Have you ever paid for a séance (or a ghost hunt that includes one) where nothing at all happens? US either! That’s because you paid for an experience that was pre planned.  We’ve seen it all from circuits that make bells ring with no one touching them, to so called clairvoyants that “see” your dead relatives…again watch out for cold reading techniques here! Yes, there ARE genuine mediums out there that can, and do, communicate with the dead. They are typically mentored over a period of time by other mediums to nurture their gifts. It can be an amazing and truly moving experience when you find yourself in a genuine spirit communication session, but again, be sure to ask questions and listen to your instincts. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

We just can’t say it enough…our team  comes with decades of combined experience in the paranormal field and integrity means everything to us! If you are looking for an experienced reader or medium, feel free to contact us for a referral.