Photo Phenomena

We’ve put this page together to share information that the beginner or intermediate paranormal enthusiast might find helpful in their exploration of the field. It certainly doesn’t cover every topic out there, but is our way of sharing what we believe to be relevant, need-to-know information for those seeking the most authentic of paranormal experiences.

The practice of Spirit Photography can be traced to Mr. William H. Mumler of Boston, MA in the 1860’s. He discovered the technique by accident after seeing the faint outline of a second person in a photograph he had taken of himself. He soon realized what he was seeing was just a double exposure. Realizing there was a market for his “spirit photographs”, Mumler began advertising as a Medium, selling his services to the unsuspecting public. Mumler was eventually exposed as a fraud when he began using living, recognizable residents in his photos…oops!

Methods of trick photography continue to evolve along with photography itself, and it would be impossible to list every trick out there for doctoring ghost photos. Of course, not everyone who believes they’ve captured a ghost photo intends to be deceitful! There are some naturally occurring photographic anomalies that have been debunked repeatedly and yet continue to remain a thorn in the side of every honest paranormal investigator out there. We’ve listed some below!


Orbs (Dust)






Light Anomalies