Looking for a private home or business investigation?

Our professional team of paranormal investigators have years of experience working in a wide variety of environments and situations. We understand that paranormal activity, whether real or perceived, can be a sensitive and sometimes frightening subject. Therefore, we've developed an investigation process that focuses on discretion, respect, and the safety of everyone involved. If you would like more information on a paranormal investigation, fill out the contact form and one of us will get back to you within 48 hours! 

Private Investigations: What to Expect


Start Logging Activity

Once you have reached out, you may want to start keeping a log of the activity as it occurs. This log should note the time, place, and as many details of the event as possible. This information will be useful for any investigation into your location. 

Initial Phone Call

Each investigation request is evaluated by a Haunted STL team member. Potential clients can expect to receive a phone call to briefly discuss the activity, desired level of assistance, and expectations. An on-site interview will likely be scheduled at this time. 

On-Site Interview

The interview process occurs at the site of the activity and will be conducted by two representatives of the Haunted STL team. Potential clients should be prepared to talk about specific incidents, tour the location, and answer questions that may sometimes feel personal. Other witness to the activity should be invited to participate in the interview but are not required at this time.  The goal of the on-site interview is to gather as much information possible to determine the level of assistance needed and the safety for conducting an investigation for all parties involved. As this is an assessment of the situation, we do ask that individuals not directly associated with activity occurring at the location not attend this interview. Confidentiality forms will be signed at this time to protect the potential client. 

Based on this interview, a decision is made on whether or not an investigation will occur. If the client and team agree to an investigation, additional paperwork will be discussed to ensure the safety of the client and the team.


The investigation begins before the team arrives at the location. Research is conducted into the location. The team lead will create a sketch of the location and plan equipment set-up based on activity reported in the interview

Investigation Day

The time of this visit may be during the day or evening, based on discussions with the client and interview team. Clients should expect the investigation to run about hours.  A team of 3-5 investigators will arrive at the location dressed in nondescript clothing to avoid drawing attention to the reason for their visit. This team will have received notes on all activity reported during the interview so the client does not need to retell this to the team. Any new activity should be conveyed to the team lead. 

A brief tour of the location will be conducted by the team lead to oriante the team to the location. After this, the team will set-up equipment and conduct a quick EMF* scan of the location. The team will then begin to test alternative explanations for activity reported. This is not to offend the client but is the responsibility of every paranormal team to evaluate the potential natural causes to an occurrence before jumping to paranormal conclusions. The team will also spend time taking photos, running video, and conducting EVP** sessions. The client is often invited to participate in EVP sessions as any activity may be directly associated with the client. 

Please note, anyone not directly associated with the investigation should not be on site at this time. Children and pets should be off site at this time to reduce the likelihood of evidence contamination.


At the end of the investigation, the team will pack up their equipment and clean up after themselves. The team lead will communicate next steps with the client. No results will be discussed at this time as the team will need to review all data collected. 


It will take about 2 weeks for the investigation team to analyze all of the data collected during the investigation. After this has been done, the interview team will schedule an appointment to discuss the results with the client. Any data of interest will be presented to the client with a discussion of the teams analysis of the information. Supplemental information, an EMF report, and research data may be given to the client along with a flash drive containing visual and audio evidence. The interview team will discuss next steps which can include a second investigation, referral to appropriate electrical/plumbing/technical assistance, referral to appropriate spiritual assistance, or general discussion of what the results mean for the client’s day-to-day life. Clients are invited to reach out to the interview team after the close of the investigation for any additional concerns regarding unexplained activity at the location. 


 *EMF =  Electromagnetic Field. These readings help the team understand the energy levels of each space. This is called a “baseline reading.”

**EVP = Electronic Voice Phenomenon. This is often done with a recorder and investigators ask questions with the goal of recording voices that are not heard with the human ear.