Sole House Investigation

This historic building had never been investigated before so we were very excited to get to work!   We had many personal experiences: cold spots, knocks and equipment malfunctions, but this pendulum session turned out to be much more than we expected!

This is just the audio clip from one of our investigators digital recorders.  This voice is heard just as Lacey becomes overwhelmed and has to get some air.

Anonymous Gallery

 This location cannot be named by the request of the owner.  This location is a restored Civil War era building near the Sole House.  It shares a lot of the same history. 

We captured several EVPs and the team encountered the strange feeling of walking through spiderwebs though none were present.  

This was captured in the basement about 3 minutes into the investigation

While two of our investigators were talking this EVP was very clear in the conversation

Elliot's Home

When HauntedSTL formed I (Tim) knew the best place to have our first investigation.  I had investigated this home previously and knew without a doubt there was activity!  This home is near the University City Loop and was built in the 1930's.  The spirit occupying the home seems to be a little girl that loves to play with the home owner's dog Elliot.  

When I first investigated the home I had several experiences, such as cold spots and  unusual EMF readings, that lead to a short spirit communition session utilizing an EMF detector while in the basement.

This video was a first for Lacey and I.  We have always been skeptical of using pendulums.  It just seems too easy a way to fake evidence, but after this experience they have become one of our favorite tools.  

You will see Lacey looking toward the camera several times saying "I'm not doing this!"  I am the one taking the video, so for both of us this was a very personal experience. As both of us are animal lovers also, this was an incredible moment for us as well as  the home owner!

This EVP was captured by the home owner. You will hear the home owner and a friend talking.  No little girl was present at the time of this recording.