We’ve put this page together to share information that the beginner or intermediate paranormal enthusiast might find helpful in their exploration of the field. It certainly doesn’t cover every topic out there, but is our way of sharing what we believe to be basic, relevant, need-to-know information for those seeking the most authentic of paranormal experiences.



Flashy and expensive ghost hunting equipment can make for some very entertaining TV, it is NOT however, a necessity for real ghost hunting or spirit communication! In fact, your average cellphone camera, digital voice recorder and EMF detector will work just fine for the typical, residential investigation. It is also very important not to forget the power of your own senses! Sometimes quiet, personal observation and plain old note taking delivers the most detailed information.


EMF Detector

Meet the EMF detector, the little tool that ghost hunters swear by! In day-to day use, electromagnetic frequency (EMF) detectors are used to diagnose problems with electrical wiring and power lines and to get readings on working appliances. Paranormal Investigators use them to take environmental readings in allegedly haunted locations. Throughout the course of an investigation they watch for changes in data that correspond to different stimuli.

This is a great tool for any ghost hunter and can be purchased for as little as $20. The EMF detector is also a great tool for debunking! Hi levels of EMF, often present in older homes with faulty or outdated electrical wiring, have been known to cause what is called the “Fear Cage” effect. People who are sensitive to high levels of EMF can suffer from headaches, experience tingling in their extremities and often report a feeling of being watched. Who ya gonna call?!... Maybe an electrician.


Cell Phones

Cell phones are great- BUT ONLY IN AIRPLANE MODE! If not switched over, cell phones can skew EMF readings like crazy and can interfere with other devices. However, when used properly, their advantages can be many! This one small device, that almost everyone already has, is capable of capturing high resolution photos, video and audio. Some of the best ghost photos captured to date have been taken from the humble cellphone!


EVP Recorders

An essential for capturing EVP, or “Electronic Voice Phenomena” is the digital voice recorder. Like the EMF detector, you don’t necessarily need the “Cadillac” model. You can get a nice, reliable recorder from Amazon.com in the $30.00 range.


Do I need an App for that?!

New ghost hunting apps and programs are available everywhere these days and tout a wide range of capabilities. Prices can vary as much as the quality and the reviews. The issue this influx of “technology” creates within the paranormal community is one of credibility. How does the average person know there isn't a simple timer pre programmed to alert the user to “activity” at random intervals? Or when something is labeled as having "Military Grade Servileness Algorithms" featured in the app… What does that even mean?? And why is this suddenly a must-have??

Be especially wary of night vision apps as the current technology available is only a digital impression of TRUE night vision. We realize ghost hunting in the dark creates a certain ambiance, but trust us…spirits don't care what time of day it is! Many commercialized, public ghost tours will offer the use of “Specialized” or “Professional” equipment as a cost add-on to their tours, but most are simply charging you to use a free app that was already available to you on your own device!



Rem Pods, Spirit Boxes, other trigger devices can also have a place in paranormal investigations. Our team has experience with many of these devices and are always willing to discuss personal preferences. The bottom line is, reliable technology can be a great asset for investigators, but people have been communicating with spirits for centuries without the use of an internet connection or battery powered equipment. 

We believe you should do your own research on what works the best for you, and don’t fall into an expensive tech trap!