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About the Location:

The Sole House at 911 Tucker

Near the bustling downtown intersection of Washington Ave and Tucker Blvd, stands a stately brick time capsule. Built in 1840, the “Sole House” is the last remaining St. Louis Federal architecture row-house of its kind.

Surprisingly, the cultural significance of this property is a little-known secret to most who live in the surrounding neighborhood. NOT surprisingly are the numerous reports of strange occurrences and paranormal activity associated with the home!

Once a densely packed, residential neighborhood, the area was home to many colorful characters. Arguably the most infamous, was Stagger Lee. Rolling Stone magazine referred to Lee as the “original gangsta” in its December 9, 2004 issue.

In the famous song “The Ballad of Stagger Lee”, the cold-blooded murder of Billy Lyons, over a poker game gone wrong, is described in poetic detail.

Listen to "The Ballad of Stagger Lee"


In 1923, 911 Tucker was also the location of a speakeasy, boarding house and rumored bordello owned by Salvatore “Sam” Domenico, who owned the property for nearly 50 years. Ironically, the space was also used as the St. Louis Mounted Police headquarters from the 1980’s through the 90’s.

Recent Paranormal Investigations have yielded evidence that support claims that this IS in fact a legitimately haunted house! EVP recordings, temperature fluctuations and unexplainable light anomalies have all been captured in the home. Shadow figures or a “mists” on the staircase, strange metallic noises, and “rag time” era piano music have also been reported within the home!

With all the history and happenings that have taken place at this location over the past 180 years, it’s no surprise to paranormal investigators that this house is teeming with activity!

Haunted STL would now like to invite YOU to explore the home and gather your own evidence during the FIRST EVER public investigation of the Sole House!

Come and explore a piece of REAL HAUNTED St. Louis History!

Reservations are limited to 13 people to ensure a quality experience.