About Us


Anyone can tell a “ghost story”, and we realize there are ghost tours that sensationalize and embellish stories, some that have been debunked for years! *See our Myth busters page for more on this subject.

Our team members are all seasoned, paranormal investigators with years of experience working with various paranormal societies and organizations. We’ve seen it all! Our teams core belief is that integrity is EVERYTHING in this field! We can promise you will NEVER experience any gimmicks, props, or trick audio/visual equipment at any of our tours or events. St. Louis has quite a…”eventful”…past.  We guarantee an engaging, intelligent, paranormal history tour for all. Even the non-believers will enjoy!!


The founders of Haunted STL are natives to the St. Louis area, and have years of personal insight into the “not so sensationalized” factors that contribute to much of our city’s paranormal activity. This knowledge, along with our respect and attention to historical accuracy, is what has earned us the respect of both local and out of town visitors!


We are passionate about honoring the deceased and preserving the memories of our cities past. Haunted STL donates a portion of all ticket sales back to the local historical societies, cemeteries and preservationist organizations that keep our areas history alive.

LACEY Owner / Operator

Lacey’s family roots run deep in St. Louis! Passionate about historical preservation, as well as finding the facts behind urban legends, Lacey has been exploring forgotten and haunted locations since childhood. A self- described "Marylin Munster", Lacey attributes her passion for local history as well as her interest in the paranormal to her father - a collector of odd and unusual books and antiquities.

TIM Owner / Operator

Tim has always had a fascination with the creepy and unknown and considered himself an open-minded paranormal skeptic until early adulthood. Personal encounters with spirits in his own home lead Tim to conducting his first, self-guided paranormal investigation- the results of which have lead him to being a firm believer in the existence of gho